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About Us

We are

Elevated Mixers

We believe that every cocktail is an opportunity. To combine years of experience in mixology with a passion for blending the perfect flavors with an uncompromising commitment to using organic ingredients. To mix the bitter and the sweet, the fruits and the florals, the simple and the complex. And to create art where no one expected it.

For the hosts, the hostesses, the dinner date wranglers, the party throwers and the revelry makers, we’ve created fresh, cold-pressed mixers so you can create a masterpiece of your own. Because no one wants to make a cocktail. They want to make a statement.

Meet the Founder


A master mixologist and Houston-native, Sean Fitzgerald is passionate about quality cocktails. He started bartending at 18 and soon after, decided to attend EBS (European Bartender School) in Copenhagen to earn a certification in mixology.

Sean was always the one to make cocktails at family gatherings and everyone was happy to enjoy the fruits of his labor. He realized that it took so much time to squeeze fresh juice and get the perfect ratio that he wasn't able to spend time enjoying the gatherings he was attending. That's when he started to make batch margaritas to save time. He realized that he could maintain the same quality of the cocktails, while also creating ease of use and the ability to spend time away from the bar. The enthusiasm of everyone who tried his cocktails made him realize that he wanted to spread the wealth and share his mixers with you.

Each Elevated Mixer has been carefully crafted and perfected to provide a restaurant-quality cocktail that you can be proud of.