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Article: Pisco Sour Recipe

Pisco Sour Recipe

Elevated Mixers Pisco Sour

The pisco sour is a classic egg white sour that uses pisco (an unaged Peruvian brandy) as the spirit base. The origins of the cocktail date back to the early 1900s in Lima, Peru by American ex-pat named Victor Morris; who owned and operated a bar in Lima.
With our Elevated Mixers Classic Sour, you can craft this smooth and frothy classic with absolute ease. Just follow the simple steps below:
Peruvian Pisco
Glass Type:
Coupe or Rocks
  1. Measure and pour 1 1/2 oz of Elevated Mixers Classic Sour  into a cocktail shaker (do NOT add ice to shaker, yet)
  2. Measure 1.5 oz of your preferred Pisco and pour into a cocktail shaker
  3. 'Dry shake' (shake hard with no ice - this creates more froth)
  4. Add ice to cocktail shaker and shake again, until thoroughly chilled
  5. Strain into preferred glass (typically coupe or rocks glass)
  6. Enjoy!
A pisco sour is traditionally garnished with aromatic bitters, however our Elevated Mixers Classic Sour already comes with the aromatic bitters mixed in. If you would like to add a garnish, we recommend adding a dehydrated citrus wheel.
ProTip: To get even more froth add the 'spring' of a Hawthorne strainer or a shaker/whisk ball to the cocktail shaker while performing the dry shake.

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