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Article: Mojito Recipe

Mojito Recipe

Elevated Mixers Mojito Recipe
The Mojito is a refreshing and well-balanced classic cocktail that many people love to drink, but hate to make because of how tedious it is and difficult it is to get the right balance of flavor... until now!
White/Silver Rum
Mint Leaves
Club Soda
Glass Type:


  1. Smack mint leaves (to release oils) and place at the bottom of the glass
  2. Add ice to glass
  3. Measure and pour 1 1/2 oz of Elevated Mixers Margarita into glass
  4. Measure and pour 2 oz of white rum into glass
  5. Fill glass with club soda
  6. Use barspoon to mix ingredients
  7. Garnish with mint sprig and Dehydrated Lime Wheel 
  8. Enjoy!

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