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Article: Habeñero Hurricane Recipe


Habeñero Hurricane Recipe

Elevated Mixers Habañero Hurricane Recipe

Tropical Spice is a flavorful combination of tropical fruits like Guava, Pineapple, Passionfruit and Blood Orange - accompanied by fiery habanero and cooling coconut. This spicy tropical mixer can be paired with virtually ANY spirit and can be further elevated with the addition of some carbonation. We have found that the BEST way (at least in our opinion) to enjoy Tropical Spice is by combining it with dark rum and a lime hard seltzer. The deep flavors of the dark rum mixed with the blend of tropical fruits, habanero and coconut of the Tropical Spice makes for a truly mind-blowing beverage experience and with a little carbonation from the hard seltzer, the drink becomes a masterfully balanced cocktail perfect for catching some tropical vibes.
However, one thing that is great about our mixers is that YOU get to choose how to mix it! If you'd rather sub the rum for whiskey and seltzer for club soda, do it!


Elevated Mixers Tropical Spice
Dark Rum
Hard Seltzer (Flavor of Choice)

Glass Type:



  1. Measure and pour 1 1/2 oz of Elevated Mixers Tropical Spice into glass with ice
  2. Measure and pour 1 1/2 oz of dark rum (or preferred spirit)
  3. Top with (~3 oz) hard seltzer
  4. Stir and garnish with Dehydrated Lime Wheel
  5. Enjoy!

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