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Article: Tropical Storm Recipe

Tropical Storm Recipe

Elevated Mixers Tropical Storm Recipe

This delicious cocktail is a twist on the classic Dark n' Stormy, a beloved drink that originated in Bermuda in the early 20th century. Our Tropical Storm combines the tropical flavors of our Tropical Spice mixer with spicy ginger beer and Bermuda rum for a refreshing and perfectly balanced cocktail.


Gosling's Black Seal Rum (or similar)
Ginger Beer

Glas Type:



  1. Measure and pour 1 oz of Elevated Mixers Tropical Spice into a Collins glass filled with ice
  2. Measure and pour 3 oz of ginger beer into glass
  3. Gently top with 2 oz of Rum to create 'storm cloud' effect
  4. Garnish with Dehydrated Lime Wheel
  5. Enjoy!


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