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Bourbon-Lovers Bundle

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The perfect trio for bourbon or whiskey lovers! One bottle of Elevated Mixers Old Fashioned mix, one bottle of the Classic Sour mix, and a package of dehydrated orange slices.

Makes perfect Old Fashioned or Whiskey Sour cocktails, garnished with a dried orange slice. Each mixer is made with cold-pressed organic juices for award-winning flavor and freshness. 

  • Old Fashioned Mix tasting notes: Elevated Mixers Old Fashioned recipe has a bold, complex flavor profile that blends the bitterness of aromatic bitters with the sweetness of organic orange and vanilla, and the warmth of cinnamon and cherry.

  • Classic Sour Mix tasting notes: Our Classic Sour mix has a sweet, sour, and smooth flavor profile that blends the sweetness of cane sugar with the tanginess of lemon juice for a truly delicious craft cocktail experience. The mix also contains an organic frothing agent made from quillaia bark, which allows you to create delicious frothy cocktails without the use of raw egg whites.

  • Dehydrated Orange Slices: Add a burst of fresh orange to your cocktails with our Dehydrated Orange Slices garnish pack. This pack includes four dried orange slices for cocktails, which can add a touch of freshness and flavor to any craft cocktail. 
Bourbon-Lovers Bundle
Bourbon-Lovers Bundle Sale price$49.99 Regular price$54.99



Our Bourbon-Lovers bundle set is the perfect way to stock up on all your favorite organic, cold-pressed cocktail mixers that go great with whiskey or bourbon.  

We use only the freshest organic ingredients to deliver unparalleled flavor and creativity. 

Using a cold-pressed HPP process, our mixers maintain superior nutritional value with exceptional taste. 

Each bottle stays fresh in the refrigerator for five months unopened or up to six weeks once opened.